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%%Title: Blue Book Program 12, on page 179 
%%Creator: Adobe Systems Incorporated 
%%CreationDate: Thu Dec 28 17:56:06 PST 1989 
/wordbreak ( ) def 
 { /proc exch def 
 /linelength exch def 
 /textstring exch def 
 /breakwidth wordbreak stringwidth pop def 
 /curwidth 0 def 
 /lastwordbreak 0 def 
 /startchar 0 def 
 /restoftext textstring def 
 { restoftext wordbreak search 
 { /nextword exch def pop 
 /restoftext exch def 
 /wordwidth nextword stringwidth pop def 
 curwidth wordwidth add linelength gt 
 { textstring startchar 
 lastwordbreak startchar sub 
 getinterval proc 
 /startchar lastwordbreak def 
 /curwidth wordwidth breakwidth add def } 
 { /curwidth curwidth wordwidth add 
 breakwidth add def 
 } ifelse 
 /lastwordbreak lastwordbreak 
 nextword length add 1 add def 
 {pop exit} 
 } loop 
 /lastchar textstring length def 
 textstring startchar lastchar startchar sub 
 getinterval proc 
 } def 
/Times-Roman findfont 16 scalefont setfont 
/yline 650 def 
(In every period there have been better or worse\ 
 types employed in better or worse ways. The\ 
 better types employed in better ways have been\ 
 used by the educated printer acquainted with\ 
 standards and history, directed by taste and\ 
 a sense of the fitness of things, and facing the\ 
 industrial conditions and the needs of his time.\ 
 Such men have made of printing an art. The\ 
 poorer types and methods have been employed\ 
 by printers ignorant of standards and caring\ 
 alone for commercial success. To these, printing\ 
 has been simply a trade. The typography of a\ 
 nation has been good or bad as one or other of\ 
 these classes had the supremacy. And to-day\ 
 any intelligent printer can educate his taste, so\ 
 to choose types for his work and so to use them,\ 
 that he will help printing to be an art rather\ 
 than a trade. \261Daniel Berkeley Updike.) 
 { 72 yline moveto show 
 /yline yline 18 sub def } 
% EXERCISE FOR THE READER: If the user specifies a short 
% enough line length, it is possible for the typeset width 
% of a single word to exceed the maximum line length. 
% Modify this algorithm to handle this event gracefully.